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Full Vision Garage Doors

Written by Ted Newman on . Posted in Garage Door

To add a contemporary vibe to your business’s exterior, peruse the stunning collection of clear panel garage doors available from OL Door Systems. Full-view garage doors make a bold statement to your building, adding visual interest and evoking a simple beauty.

commercial full vision doors

This simple door design makes them a perfect addition to any building type — they allow additional light into your space, give a warm, welcoming glow in the evenings and improve overall energy efficiency.

Advantages of Full-View Garage Doors for Commerical Facilities

For businesses and commercial facilities, you no longer have to choose a garage door based on functionality alone. With a clear panel garage door, you benefit from a boosted visual appeal, so your building doesn’t just fade into its surroundings, while also improving operations. Full-view garage doors are ideal for restaurants, fire stations, auto-servicing businesses and other facilities. For many companies, having a clear panel garage door offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to Use: Due to their lightweight aluminum construction, clear panel garage doors are extremely easy to use. Whenever you need to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces, they are easily lifted by hand. This benefit is especially useful for restaurants when staff needs to quickly, safely and easily raise or lower the door.
  • Low Maintenance: Full-view aluminum doors are crafted from durable anodized aluminum and finished with a powder coating that prevents rust and corrosion. Their long-lasting durability and construction also mean these full-view doors require practically no routine maintenance.
  • Boosts Curb Appeal: Clear panel garage doors give your space a contemporary vibe and a bold professionalism that boosts overall curb appeal. And with the view inside, it makes your establishment appear more welcoming to visitors.

Benefits of Clear Panel Garage Doors

When you have the right type and design for your business’s door, you add modern appeal and can even increase productivity. Natural light can replace the cost of electric bills and if this results in enough savings, hire more staff members. With a full-vision door, you can make your business stand out. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased Visibility: Full-vision doors allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and makes your space feel larger.
  • Natural Lighting: Having natural lighting can improve your mood and allow you to see better while working on projects.
  • Energy Efficiency: Many clear panel garage doors feature added insulation layers which prevent warm or cool air from escaping — improving energy efficiency and reducing utility costs.

Get Full View Doors From OL Door Systems

To fully revamp the exterior of your business, invest in a practical, easy-to-use and attractive clear panel garage door. Since 1991, we’ve been the leading experts in commercial door installation, maintenance, and repair throughout the Twin Cities. To learn more about our services, call us today at 612-623-1817 or request a quote today.

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Benefits of Automatic Doors for Retail Stores

Written by Ted Newman on . Posted in Automatic Doors

Front Entry DoorsCommercial storefront doors can have a big impact on boosting your business and making your store successful. Automatic doors can help with driving customer traffic in and out of the store, enhancing shoppers’ experience, and improve the perception of the storefront.

Are automatic doors for retail stores worth it? Absolutely. Here’s why:

Convenience/Easy Traffic Flow/Hands-Free

Most simply, automatic doors are easy! They allow for a better traffic flow in and out of the store because customers won’t be held up opening and closing doors themselves. Many customers will be entering and leaving the store with small children they have to hold on to, shopping carts or strollers they must push, and any number of boxes, bags and packages from their shopping. Automatic doors offer a convenient, hands-free way to enter and exit without extra cargo encumbering the door-opening process, and multiple people can move through at once.

Customer Preference and Public Perception

Not only do customers prefer automatic doors for retail stores, but their presence improves your business in terms of public perception. Modern technology in a store’s construction can make customers see it as a state-of-the-art leader in the retail industry, which means more business and a justification for higher prices.

Efficient Energy Enhancement

Automatic doors are an excellent way to cut costs on energy consumption and save on your company’s heating and cooling. These doors only open when necessary for use and close completely as soon as customers pass through. They’re also sensitive to weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about customers holding open the door too long during a bitterly cold blizzard — automatic doors will regulate and control air exchange, making sure you don’t waste energy or air.

Safety and Security

As long as you make sure to install your doors properly and have them regularly inspected, they will provide safe, sophisticated, straightforward access during operation and secure barriers when not in use.

ADA Accommodation

Don’t worry about your store being inaccessible to those with disabilities because of a difficult manual door — automatic doors are made to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They make it safe and convenient for everyone to enter your store. This is important because as a business owner, handicap ADA doors are necessary so patrons can enter and leave your location.

Expanded Options

You may not be thinking about aesthetics when you consider automatic doors, but they provide so many different design options. Choose from a plethora of colors, finishes, designs, sizes, and styles to suit your unique store.

Cost Benefits

With proper installation and maintenance, your automatic doors will be an economical investment you’re glad you made. For more information on boosting your retail business with automatic doors, contact OL Door Systems today for a quote!

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How to Improve Truck Dock Door Security

Written by Ted Newman on . Posted in Dock Door

truck docks

A loading dock is a necessity for essential access and transportation of goods. While loading dock for trucks make shipping and receiving easier than ever, helping your business to run smoothly and efficiently. However, loading docks can also pose potential security threats.

To keep your company secure while still reaping the benefits of dock doors, you should take certain measures to prevent vandalism and unauthorized access, which will contribute to less damage to goods and cargo and better long-term productivity. Here’s how to improve your commercial loading dock door security:

Maintain Equipment

If your loading dock doors are broken or malfunctioning, panels are weak, windows are cracked or any equipment is operating improperly, you’re unwittingly providing opportunities for burglars. Make sure to keep up with the condition of your warehouse by regularly assessing truck doors and dock loading equipment operability and checking for malfunctions. You should always repair any damage immediately, even if minimal. It’s also important to keep equipment up-to-date and replace old parts and out-of-date systems.

Keep Doors Closed When Not in Use

Another key measure in securing your loading dock doors is to ensure they are open only during loading and unloading. At all other times, your doors and gates must be kept closed, even during hours of operation when no shipments occur. Make sure your employees are aware of this policy and follow protocol by closing the doors when the loading dock is not in use.

Use Dock Leveler Seals

For extra security and sanitary purposes, consider installing a dock leveler seal. Creating a barrier between your warehouse and the outside world, seals help reduce energy costs and protect your facility against the elements and unwanted pests while allowing the doors to remain open.

Install Lock-Landing Gear

Landing locks are an extra precautionary measure for protecting warehouse access points. They require drivers delivering trailers to unattended docks to secure equipment with a specific lock when they arrive and lower landing gear, which prevents unauthorized stealing of property.

Turn to OL Door Systems

It’s crucial to your company to secure your loading dock doors. Protect your warehouse from unauthorized access, damage and outside elements ensure optimized productivity, safer shipments and better business overall. Make sure you’re maintaining your loading dock door equipment, replacing parts, keeping doors closed when not in use and using extra security equipment like leveler seals and lock-landing gear.

If you need more information about how to improve the security of your commercial loading dock doors, OL Door Systems can help! We’ve been providing expert service and the highest quality projects to the Twin Cities metro area since 1991. Contact us for a quote today!

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