Commercial Door Services in Bloomington, MN

Are you trying to decide on a full-service commercial garage door company in Bloomington, MN, that can meet your needs throughout the year for installation, maintenance, repairs, replacements and other services? Look no further.

commercial doors from Clopay in Bloomington, MN

At OL Door Systems, we’ve been serving the region for more than 20 years, which means we consider you a friend and neighbor. You’ll be able to rely on our quality products and services when it comes to any commercial door needs you may have throughout the near.

Commercial Garage Door Installations in Bloomington, MN

No matter your reason for needing a new garage door, we’re sure to have the perfect product in our extensive inventory. We’re a proud Authorized Dealer for Clopay®, which means you can expect quality, durability, appealing appearance, along with functional life and more from your garage door.

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Some of the products we offer for restaurants, warehouses, shipping centers, car dealerships, firehouses, service stations and other leading commercial facilities include:

  • Commercial Bi-Fold Garage Doors: These doors open in an upward fashion, which means they require little space for operation.
  • Commercial Four-Fold Garage Doors: These doors provide full visibility so that if your garage door opens toward the street, you know exactly who is on the other side waiting for service. They’re similar in operation to bi-fold doors. They install vertically and are usually found at police stations, parking garages, and similar settings because they offer high security and fast opening and closing speeds.
  • Industrial Doors: No matter what size, material or durability you need, we’re sure to have an option for you in our shop, like rolling steel doors that move smoothly and offer a high level of security or another option.
  • Front Entry Doors: Garage doors that allow front entry can improve aesthetics for the front of your building if you choose the right color and style. Since your door makes up a huge part of the outside of your building, you want it to look appealing so that your customers leave with a positive impression to carry with them.
  • Coiling and Fire Doors: For improved safety, code compliance and durability, consider one of our coiling or fire doors.
  • High-Speed Doors: In certain facilities, you can’t wait around for a slow door. We have a large selection of high-speed doors that will help mitigate the timeframe between an emergency call or other drastic situation and your ability to leave the building.

Commercial Garage Door Services in Bloomington, MN

Installation is step one, but maintenance and repairs are just as important if you want to keep your garage door running and worth the investment throughout the years. With so many moving components in any system, it’s impossible for a garage door to last forever without regular inspections and tune-ups.

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  • Bloomington
  • Hennepin County
  • Richfield
  • South Loop District
  • And surrounding communities!

If something goes wrong with your door, it could be bad news for your business — you probably have cars or valuable products behind it, and you could also miss shipping deadlines or lose company hours. Our preventative maintenance and repairs help.

  • Maintenance: Regular preventative maintenance is well-worth the investment when you consider the complications it’ll help you avoid down the line. Our technicians will inspect the entire unit, including springs, cables, tracks and every other essential component. If they notice any wear and tear, they can make repairs and perform tune-ups to ensure small issues don’t become huge, expensive ones later down the road.
  • Repairs: Sometimes, unexpected damages occur even with regular maintenance. It’s an inevitable possibility with large commercial doors that see heavy traffic day in and day out. If there’s something wrong with your door or opener, you might notice odd noises, slow operation, slamming, uneven movement, failure to open or other issues — don’t panic. Call us 24/7 all year round, and our technicians will arrive, diagnose the problem and complete repairs right away.

Even if we didn’t complete the initial installation of your commercial garage door, our highly-trained technicians can perform maintenance and repairs. They know every leading brand on the market, and they’ll work quickly, safely, and professionally.

Now that you know all the benefits and advantages that come from choosing OL Door Systems as your commercial garage door company in Bloomington, MN, contact us online or call us at (612) 623-1817 to get started!

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