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To start, we set the bar high with 24/7 service, year round. And if that’s not enough, we make sure that our trucks are stocked with a full inventory of tools, parts, and equipment so that we can take care of your commercial door needs on the first visit quickly.

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But here is what really sets us apart from other companies: When you need our help, we make sure to keep you informed about your current needs, provide historical information about your past service, and give you options to choose from so that you can make a decision based on your circumstances. We share with you our years of experience and understanding of the needs of a commercial business like your own: 

  • Time is money: Losing time because you can’t get your vehicles or equipment in or out of your building or warehouse costs you big time. You risk delaying shipments or missing deadlines, and your customers won’t stand for that. Our rapid service helps you get back on track as quickly as possible.
  • Safety is critical: You don’t take the safety of your employees or customers lightly. A malfunctioning commercial overhead door can cause serious injury, especially if an unexperienced person tries to adjust or repair it. Instead, let our experts at OL Door Systems take care of it.
  • Protection is key: Protection against theft, damage and the elements is cruicial to running a successful commercial business. If your industrial garage door isn’t working properly, you’re leaving your building, materials and equipment exposed to all sorts of risks, day and night.
  • Appearance is a plus: The first impression many customers will get of your business is when they first see your commercial space. An attractive, modern garage door can help give a positive first impression, and reassures customers they’re dealing with a professional commercial business.

Now you can enjoy the kind of loyalty that you would expect from your closest friends when you choose to work with us. For more information about how we can help you find the commercial doors you need, and give you the service you deserve, contact us today and we can answer any questions you have.

Our lineup of quality commercial doors are perfect for new construction and replacement of your old doors. We can even service any of your old, existing industrial overhead doors. We’ll make any necessary repairs, perform preventive maintenance and even suggest a regular maintenance plan. If your commercial garage door are in need of replacement, we’ll present you the features and advantages of our entire lineup, and help you make the right choice. We carry many great options for commercial customers:

  • Doors for warehouses and truck docks
  • Narrow to wide doors in bi-fold and four-fold configurations
  • Coiling doors for efficient space utilization
  • Fire doors for added safety and regulation requirements

We also carry high-speed doors, because we know when you’re heading out to a job, you don’t want to waste a second. At OL Door Systems, we’re proud to serve the Bloomington, Burnsville and Eagan, Minnesota, areas, and offer true value and dependability to all our customers. We’re looking forward to adding one more customer to our list of satisfied commercial business owners: you!

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