How to Create an Energy-Efficient Warehouse

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As a business manager or owner, you know how quickly costs of doing business can add up. From product investment to media advertisements, there’s no shortage in the number of expenses a business needs to operate with optimum performance. While your expenses may seem plentiful, don’t let energy be one of them. Warehouse energy consumption can easily cut into your bottom line. In today’s world, it’s increasingly important to keep up with market demands and cut costs wherever necessary.

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Creating an energy-efficient warehouse is a quick and easy way to reduce your company’s spending without cutting corners in other aspects of your business. Whether you’re motivated by a more energy resourceful ideology or are looking to cut your company’s budget by saving money, here are three ways to provide your business with the energy-efficiency it needs.

1. Save Costs on Energy Bills With High R-Value Doors

At OL Door Systems, we provide a variety of commercial garage doors and related services to fulfill all your door purchase and installation needs. When choosing energy-efficient doors for your warehouse, you want to invest in a higher R-value for better insulation. Whether it’s a hot summer day and you have the air conditioning cranked up or you find yourself using more heat in the winter, you never want the air in your facility to seep outside, wasting valuable energy in the process. Energy-efficient steel doors with R-values to 22.2 guarantee less money goes into your energy bill due to the added insulation.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Lighting Alternatives

A large portion of your energy bill may be spent on lighting. You can’t go in the dark just because you want to cut back on costs, though. Consider installing a full vision commercial door or door with full vision sections to allow for natural daylight to shine into your facility.

In areas where lighting is not as necessary, invest in lower-wattage bulbs. Install sensor-detective light switches that automatically turn off when nobody is in the room — switching off even when your employees forget to shut off the light.

3. Ensure Proper Sealing on Dock Doors

Installing some form of dock enclosure is necessary for ensuring energy control. Whether a door seal or a foam pad, choosing the right enclosure for your door is an essential part of maintaining a consistent temperature inside your warehouse while loaders enter into and exit out of your facility throughout the day.

During the summer, you don’t want all your air-conditioned cool air seeping out when loading and unloading. The same preservation rule applies to the heat produced in the winter. You need a door with both proper insulation and sealing to ensure your panels can withstand humid and moist conditions while performing at a high level.

OL Door Systems offers you the solution to your energy problems. Take a look at our commercial doors today. Not sure where to start? Contact us today to kick start your journey towards a more energy-efficient tomorrow.

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