Why Should My Business Use a High-Speed Commercial Door?

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Does your commercial facility have a high-speed roll-up door? For the right business, the benefit of a high-speed garage door can be significant.

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In most ways, high-speed commercial garage doors and conventional garage doors are similar. They are both sturdy, wide, reliable doors that allow you to easily get manpower, vehicles and/or inventory out of your facility. The difference, of course, lies in the speed. A regular garage door goes up and down at about 7 inches per second. A good high-speed commercial garage door goes up and down at up to 100 inches per second. That means when you activate it, your high-speed door will be up and your garage open almost instantly.

Uses and Benefits of High-Speed Commercial Garage Doors

The benefit of a high-speed garage door should be immediately obvious. First, you can move products faster. Both shipping and inventory workflow are improved when you don’t have to spend extra time waiting for a door to go up or down. Second, you save on fuel and maintenance costs for your vehicles, as they spend less time idling waiting for the door to fully rise so they can exit. This also lowers your environmental footprint, as you spend less time spitting exhaust fumes into the air. Third, if you need to get out fast in an emergency situation, these doors allow you to do it.

Types of Businesses That Use High-Speed Commercial Doors

Any business where you need to get in and out fast is a good one for high-speed commercial doors. For example, if your facility handles emergency operations, like a hospital or a firehouse, the ability of vehicles to exit and enter quickly can literally be a matter of life and death. In these situations, quality high-speed garage doors are a must. If you run a shipping center where packages need to get out fast, such as in overnight delivery situations, every second counts, and a high-speed garage door can be a huge advantage.

If you have a food service business where you take delivery of perishable inventory, you don’t want it sitting outside in the sun while waiting for your garage door to open. These are just a few examples of businesses where a high-speed door can make all the difference.

Contact OL Door Systems for Reliable High-Speed Commercial Doors

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