Commercial Garage Door Maintenance

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Many of us expect commercial garage doors to be reliable and efficiently open for many years without any issues. To ensure your garage door dependably operates as you expect, without bothersome delays or time-consuming and costly repairs, it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance and hire a professional to inspect your garage door system at least once per year.

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At OL Door Systems, we have over 25 years of commercial door repair and maintenance experience throughout the Twin Cities. We’re dedicated to providing all of our customers with knowledgeable repairs completed with high-quality parts and equipment quickly and affordable. We even offer emergency 24-hour repair services.

Your Commercial Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Every one to three months, employees should be noting any unusual garage door functions, loose hardware or unusual sounds while the door is operating. To keep your commercial garage doors in proper working condition, perform the following tasks:

  • Tighten Hardware: As the door moves, parts become loose or fall out. Check hardware monthly to ensure all parts are secured.
  • Lubricate Parts: Keep the opener chain and springs well-lubricated to ensure proper functionality, lifespan and prevent rust.
  • Clear Debris: As needed, remove dirt and buildup from photo-eye sensors, tracks, and rollers.
  • Perform Balance Test: Often, when the door is unbalanced, it will appear lopsided when operating. To test the garage door’s balance, simply unlatch the door from the opener and lift it on the track halfway. If the door remains in place, it is balanced and if it snaps open or slams shut then it isn’t balanced.
  • Test Reversing Mechanism: This is a safety feature that keeps the door from crushing anything as it closes. To test this, place a board under the door and use the opener to close the door. If the door snaps open once it hits the board, then it is in proper condition.

Sectional Garage Door Maintenance

For your sectional garage door, you should be performing maintenance regularly, but additional factors may impact how frequently you should check the parts and hardware — including environmental conditions, facility location and the factors which determine how often the door is operated.

Every month, employees or managers should inspect and maintain the following:

  • Check all door surfaces and hardware
  • Lubricate rollers, hinges, shaft and springs
  • Check all hardware for loose pieces or rust — winding plug, anchor plug, mounting brackets and collar
  • Ensure cables aren’t frayed or broken
  • Look at bottom seal for damage

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If you’re ever unsure of what’s causing your door to malfunction or if you’re just in need of repairs or maintenance, call the expert technicians at OL Door Systems. We’re a local company dedicated to establishing long-term and personal relationships with all of our customers throughout the Twin Cities area. We perform garage door and opener repairs, installation, and maintenance at competitive prices. And if you’re ever trapped inside of your facility or stranded outside of it, we even have technicians available 24/7 to identify and repair the issue.

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