How to Improve Truck Dock Door Security

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A loading dock is a necessity for essential access and transportation of goods. While loading dock for trucks make shipping and receiving easier than ever, helping your business to run smoothly and efficiently. However, loading docks can also pose potential security threats.

To keep your company secure while still reaping the benefits of dock doors, you should take certain measures to prevent vandalism and unauthorized access, which will contribute to less damage to goods and cargo and better long-term productivity. Here’s how to improve your commercial loading dock door security:

Maintain Equipment

If your loading dock doors are broken or malfunctioning, panels are weak, windows are cracked or any equipment is operating improperly, you’re unwittingly providing opportunities for burglars. Make sure to keep up with the condition of your warehouse by regularly assessing truck doors and dock loading equipment operability and checking for malfunctions. You should always repair any damage immediately, even if minimal. It’s also important to keep equipment up-to-date and replace old parts and out-of-date systems.

Keep Doors Closed When Not in Use

Another key measure in securing your loading dock doors is to ensure they are open only during loading and unloading. At all other times, your doors and gates must be kept closed, even during hours of operation when no shipments occur. Make sure your employees are aware of this policy and follow protocol by closing the doors when the loading dock is not in use.

Use Dock Leveler Seals

For extra security and sanitary purposes, consider installing a dock leveler seal. Creating a barrier between your warehouse and the outside world, seals help reduce energy costs and protect your facility against the elements and unwanted pests while allowing the doors to remain open.

Install Lock-Landing Gear

Landing locks are an extra precautionary measure for protecting warehouse access points. They require drivers delivering trailers to unattended docks to secure equipment with a specific lock when they arrive and lower landing gear, which prevents unauthorized stealing of property.

Turn to OL Door Systems

It’s crucial to your company to secure your loading dock doors. Protect your warehouse from unauthorized access, damage and outside elements ensure optimized productivity, safer shipments and better business overall. Make sure you’re maintaining your loading dock door equipment, replacing parts, keeping doors closed when not in use and using extra security equipment like leveler seals and lock-landing gear.

If you need more information about how to improve the security of your commercial loading dock doors, OL Door Systems can help! We’ve been providing expert service and the highest quality projects to the Twin Cities metro area since 1991. Contact us for a quote today!

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