The Purpose of Fire Rated Commercial Doors

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Does your building have adequate fire doors? Quality commercial fire-resistant doors can make a huge difference when it comes to safety for your establishment. If you own a commercial property and are not familiar with fire-resistant steel doors or don’t know if you need them, read on.

What Is a Fire Door and How Does It Work?

Clopay Roll-Up Fire DoorAn insulated, fire-rated commercial door can help protect your business in a number of ways. A fire door is made of fire-resistant steel designed to come down quickly in case of an emergency. They are insulated to reduce any damage a fire may cause. Having these doors in your establishment can help isolate a fire and create a barrier between the people who are in your establishment and at-risk locations that may be susceptible to fire. While it is impossible to anticipate how a fire will spread and how much damage it will do, a quality fire door system can often contain the damage until the fire department arrives.


When to Have Fire-Rated Doors

Local building codes or regulations may require you to have fire doors, so if you do not have them, you should investigate this immediately. Being in violation is not only unsafe, it could also result in the shutting down of your business. Even if they are not required, it’s a good idea to have fire doors with any kind of business that contains flammable materials or at-risk areas like boiler rooms or chemical processing laboratories. Research facilities, manufacturing plants, refineries and restaurants are all examples of businesses where a fire could suddenly break out and do great damage without adequate fire protection in place.

You never know when a fire may strike, and the more safety precautions you have in place, the less damage that fire is likely to cause.

O&L Door Systems for Quality Fire Doors in the Twin Cities Area

If you’re looking for a reliable rolling steel fire resistant door in Minneapolis or nearby areas, O&L Door Systems is the company to contact. We offer affordable fire door installation, as well as commercial fire door assessment and repair.

There’s no time to lose when it comes to protecting your business and staff, so contact O&L Door Systems today.

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