Why Should My Business Use a High-Speed Commercial Door?

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Does your commercial facility have a high-speed roll-up door? For the right business, the benefit of a high-speed garage door can be significant.

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In most ways, high-speed commercial garage doors and conventional garage doors are similar. They are both sturdy, wide, reliable doors that allow you to easily get manpower, vehicles and/or inventory out of your facility. The difference, of course, lies in the speed. A regular garage door goes up and down at about 7 inches per second. A good high-speed commercial garage door goes up and down at up to 100 inches per second. That means when you activate it, your high-speed door will be up and your garage open almost instantly.

Uses and Benefits of High-Speed Commercial Garage Doors

The benefit of a high-speed garage door should be immediately obvious. First, you can move products faster. Both shipping and inventory workflow are improved when you don’t have to spend extra time waiting for a door to go up or down. Second, you save on fuel and maintenance costs for your vehicles, as they spend less time idling waiting for the door to fully rise so they can exit. This also lowers your environmental footprint, as you spend less time spitting exhaust fumes into the air. Third, if you need to get out fast in an emergency situation, these doors allow you to do it.

Types of Businesses That Use High-Speed Commercial Doors

Any business where you need to get in and out fast is a good one for high-speed commercial doors. For example, if your facility handles emergency operations, like a hospital or a firehouse, the ability of vehicles to exit and enter quickly can literally be a matter of life and death. In these situations, quality high-speed garage doors are a must. If you run a shipping center where packages need to get out fast, such as in overnight delivery situations, every second counts, and a high-speed garage door can be a huge advantage.

If you have a food service business where you take delivery of perishable inventory, you don’t want it sitting outside in the sun while waiting for your garage door to open. These are just a few examples of businesses where a high-speed door can make all the difference.

Contact OL Door Systems for Reliable High-Speed Commercial Doors

You not only want a door that’s fast, you also want a door you can count on. In the Twin Cities area, that means OL Door Systems. With more than 20 years of experience, OL Door Systems is the company you can trust to provide you with a high-speed garage door that works smoothly and fast and can stand up to industrial use.

For installation or service of your high-speed commercial door, contact OL Door Systems today.

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The Purpose of Fire Rated Commercial Doors

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Does your building have adequate fire doors? Quality commercial fire-resistant doors can make a huge difference when it comes to safety for your establishment. If you own a commercial property and are not familiar with fire-resistant steel doors or don’t know if you need them, read on.

What Is a Fire Door and How Does It Work?

Clopay Roll-Up Fire DoorAn insulated, fire-rated commercial door can help protect your business in a number of ways. A fire door is made of fire-resistant steel designed to come down quickly in case of an emergency. They are insulated to reduce any damage a fire may cause. Having these doors in your establishment can help isolate a fire and create a barrier between the people who are in your establishment and at-risk locations that may be susceptible to fire. While it is impossible to anticipate how a fire will spread and how much damage it will do, a quality fire door system can often contain the damage until the fire department arrives.


When to Have Fire-Rated Doors

Local building codes or regulations may require you to have fire doors, so if you do not have them, you should investigate this immediately. Being in violation is not only unsafe, it could also result in the shutting down of your business. Even if they are not required, it’s a good idea to have fire doors with any kind of business that contains flammable materials or at-risk areas like boiler rooms or chemical processing laboratories. Research facilities, manufacturing plants, refineries and restaurants are all examples of businesses where a fire could suddenly break out and do great damage without adequate fire protection in place.

You never know when a fire may strike, and the more safety precautions you have in place, the less damage that fire is likely to cause.

O&L Door Systems for Quality Fire Doors in the Twin Cities Area

If you’re looking for a reliable rolling steel fire resistant door in Minneapolis or nearby areas, O&L Door Systems is the company to contact. We offer affordable fire door installation, as well as commercial fire door assessment and repair.

There’s no time to lose when it comes to protecting your business and staff, so contact O&L Door Systems today.

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Commercial Entry Door Systems

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If you haven’t given much thought to the entry door of your Minneapolis-based business, it’s time to start. The right entry door may actually be critical to your success! But why?

Think of meeting a new person. What’s the first thing they see? Your face. If your face isn’t well-cared-for, there’s a good chance others will make assumptions about you as a person. It’s not fair, but it’s human nature.

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Your commercial entry door is the face of your business. If people see a stylish, modern door, they will assume similar qualities about the business inside. If they see a classic, traditional door, they may make other assumptions. But if they see a door that has broken windows, squeaky hinges and worn paint, they will make other assumptions about your business that you probably don’t want them to make.

Choosing Your Commercial Entry Door

Picking the right style for your entry door is important, but equally important is picking the right material. Many people opt for wood doors for their business. A wood door projects a strong, classic appearance. Oak, walnut and pine finishes are very popular for wood doors to enhance their natural look.

Other companies opt for aluminum doors. These are very low-maintenance doors that look great, especially when styled the right way. They can give any business an upscale, modern appearance.

The right steel door can also work well for the right company. They’re also low-maintenance. While usually more affordable than aluminum doors, they can still present a sleek, streamlined appearance when designed and installed properly.

Repair and Maintenance for Your Commercial Entry Door

No matter what type of commercial entry door you opt for and what style of door you choose, it’s vitally important that you keep your door in good repair at all times. If you detect any squeaking, denting, peeling finish, difficulty opening or closing or anything else that makes you notice the door for anything other than its quality appearance, you should call a professional for maintenance immediately.

Remember: that door is your company’s face, and any cracks in it could quickly cause your clients to lose confidence or could even embolden would-be intruders.

Not only does appearance matter, but so does accessibility for compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Our team is experts on ANSI 156.19 compliant installation of handicap ADA doors. Make sure that your business has properly working handicap doors to allow disabled visitors to enter and leave your business.

OL Door Systems for Commercial Entry Door Systems in the Greater Minneapolis Area

If your commercial entry door in Egan, Burnsville or throughout the Minneapolis area is broken or damaged, call OL Door Systems right away. We have the experience and the skilled technicians in Minnesota to take care of any commercial entry door problem you may have and have it looking and working like new.

And if you have a new commercial entry door, remember that we’re experts at commercial entry door installation as well. For all your commercial entry door needs in the Twin Cities, contact OL Door Systems now.

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