How to Select a Warehouse Door

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Roll-up warehouse doors

Businesses must have reliable warehouse doors to ship deliveries, maximize uptime, and prioritize employee safety. Investing in a good door can help you increase profits. Whether you’re in the market for updated warehouse doors or you are moving into a brand new facility, knowing what to look for before making a purchase sets your team up for success.

The following warehouse door considerations can help you make the right choice.

1. Think About Warehouse Door Costs

Be sure to set a budget for your warehouse door installation. It’s always a good idea to go with a professional installer when configuring the assembly. Having a rough idea of what you hope to spend will help you make an appropriate selection as you weigh the importance of different features.

Cost is usually determined by the durability of materials and the R-value insulation. Steel warehouse doors are a cost-friendly option for business owners for their versatility, exterior strength, and resistance to cracking.

2. What Is the Purpose of the Warehouse Door?

Assessing your company’s needs can help you figure out how to choose a warehouse garage door. Where will the door be placed? What will the installation do for your business? Think about your product inventory, daily processes, and any expectations you carry before committing to a warehouse door system.

Warehouse doors for loading docks should be fast-moving, consistent, and secure to protect your inventory. Having a high speed door within your facility can help to lower heating and cooling costs year-round.

3. Assess Opening Cycles

How many times do you open and close your current warehouse door in one day? High-quality warehouse doors designed for 50 or more opening cycles per day will outlast builds engineered for occasional use. Speak to a professional about the performance specifications of a warehouse door before scheduling an installation appointment.

4. Keep Your Employees in Mind

Cater to those who will be using the warehouse door system the most, and remember to opt for styles that have backup safety features. Pay attention to how easy components are to lift by hand in case of an opener malfunction.

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