Different Types of Commercial Coiling Doors

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There are a number of different types of commercial coiling doors. OL Door Systems provides coiling doors with a variety of materials and finishes to choose from.
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Types of Commercial Coiling Doors

Commercial coiling doors are ideal for those situations where you need an effective commercial door, but side room and headroom are at a premium. These doors can be customized to fit most commercial entryways. Different types of commercial coiling doors can include:


  • Light-Duty Coiling Doors: These doors are appropriate when you need to combine economy and functionality. They are more than adequate for most light commercial applications.


  • Heavy-Duty Coiling Doors: Tougher than the light-duty door, these doors are great for more rugged commercial applications. They are suitable for most industrial environments and built to last.


  • Coiling Storm Doors: These rolling steel doors are designed to protect your inventory from the elements. They are insulated for greater thermal resistance, so warm air stays in in the winter and out in the summer, allowing you to control your facility’s climate.


  • Commercial Coiling Door Options: You can customize your coiling door by choosing the material, slat options and color. You may choose a galvanized steel curtain, a stainless-steel curtain or an aluminum curtain, for example. You may prefer curved slats or flat slats. There are a wide range of colors and finishes, so if you want to depart from the traditional steel gray, you can choose a color that matches or complements the exterior of your building.


Get Commercial Coiling Doors From OL Door Systems Today

To determine exactly what kind of custom commercial coiling doors you need for your Twin Cities- based business, you can contact one of the professionals at OL Door Systems. A commercial coiling doors expert can go over all the options in detail and help you figure out which type and style of commercial coiling doors is right for you.

When you order a commercial coiling door from OL Door Systems, you get great quality and service. That means a door that will work the way it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to, over and over again. If you need any service or maintenance on your commercial coiling door, OL Door Systems is the company to call. Our trained technicians have seen just about every door problem there is and can get your coiling door back up and running fast.

For more information contact OL Door Systems today.

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