Commercial Four-Fold Doors

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Folding garage doors offer a number of advantages over conventional systems — in addition to giving the exterior of your facility a unique look, they provide additional space for applications in which interior headroom is required. If your facility has complicated ducting or other equipment on its ceiling, folding garage doors can permit easy entry and exit without posing a major engineering challenge.

With a four-fold door, you enjoy convenience and accessibility even in the smallest of environments. If you’re going to look past the conventional overhead garage door for your business, you should be sure to consider the four-fold door.

OL Door Systems is a leading Twin Cities expert in four-fold garage doors. We offer a number of services, from installation to repair, that help keeps your operation safer, more productive and less exposed to risk. Read on to learn more or contact our office directly for assistance.

Four-Fold Garage Doors

Compared to bi-fold doors, four-fold garage doors feature two additional slats to cover a wider area. For this reason, they are common in fire stations and mass transit facilities where large trucks come and go on a regular basis. 

One reason four-fold doors are popular in fire stations is that they offer fast exit capabilities. Because these doors open horizontally instead of vertically, you don’t have to wait for the door to clear your vehicle’s headroom and you can see exactly when you have enough space to exit the garage. Furthermore, four-fold doors simply open and close faster — about twice as fast as an ordinary garage door. If rapid exit and/or entry into your garage is a priority for you in your business, a four-fold garage door could be just what you need.

You don’t want to pass over the look of a good four-fold garage door. Having a four-fold garage door on your commercial property can give it an element of class and elegance that you simply don’t get from ordinary garage doors.

Service for Your Four-Fold Garage Door

With proper service, you can expect your four-fold door to last quite a long time. But because they contain additional moving components, four-fold doors typically need service more frequently than their bi-fold counterparts. For this reason, it’s important to call in experts for regularly-scheduled maintenance on your four-fold garage door. Working with a team that specializes in commercial garage doors is the best way to ensure your purchase keeps running its best for years to come.

Contact OL Door Systems for Repairs and Service

From emergency repairs to preventative maintenance, OL Door Systems is your best choice for four-fold garage door service in Burnsville, Eagan and throughout the greater Minneapolis area.

Our knowledgeable garage door professionals are experienced with all kinds of garage doors. With expert technicians and an extensive inventory of parts on hand, we can quickly diagnose any issue and get you fully operational again in a minimal amount of time.

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