Commercial Bi-Folding Doors

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If overhead space is an issue in the garage door area of your commercial establishment, a bi-folding garage door can be the perfect solution. Since these doors don’t open up into your facility like a conventional overhead door, you have much more interior headroom. These doors can accommodate complicated ductwork, important equipment and other obstructions that may be on your facility ceiling.

OL Door Systems is a leading Twin Cities expert in bi-fold garage doors. We offer a number of services, from installation to repair, that help keep your operation safer, more productive and less exposed to risk. Read on to learn more or contact our office directly for assistance.

Commercial Bi-Folding Garage Doors in Burnsville, Eagan, and Beyond

As the name implies, bi-fold garage doors feature two horizontal slats that fold outward to open. In the Twin Cities area, OL Door Systems can design and install bi-fold garage doors for clients in Burnsville, Eagan, Bloomington, and the surrounding area. We also back up everything we do with exceptional service, including 24-hour repairs in emergency situations. For more information about whether or not bi-fold garage doors are right for you, give us a call today.

The Benefits of a Bi-Fold Garage Door

One benefit of bi-fold garage doors is that they open fast. Because both halves of the door open independently at the same time, they open about twice as fast as a conventional overhead garage door.

In addition, bi-fold garage doors look great. They have a distinctive style that you don’t see in standard commercial garage doors and they can really help your business set itself apart.

Service for Your Bi-Fold Garage Door

While you can expect your bi-fold garage door to last a long time, it’s important to give it proper service to keep it in good working order at all times. Regularly-scheduled maintenance can do wonders for your bi-fold garage door.

Fortunately, OL Door Systems specializes in repair and maintenance for this type of door. If you need any bi-fold garage door assistance in Minneapolis, OL Door Systems is the company to call.

Contact OL Door Systems for Design and Installation

Whether you’re in Eagan, Burnsville or elsewhere in the greater Minneapolis area, our experienced garage door pros can handle all of your maintenance, service and emergency repair needs.

With expert technicians and an extensive inventory of parts on hand, we can quickly diagnose any issue and get you fully operational again in a minimal amount of time. To request service, call our office directly or submit your contact information using the online form on this page.  


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